About The Principal Underwriting Consultant

Knowledge Is Power

Hello and welcome to Archer Aston, LLC.  

As the Founder and Principal Underwriter I am extremely happy and humbled to be the senior member of the consulting firm. 

I have a sincere passion to help people and help in ways where you will benefit the most.  I believe in the philosophy of each one teach one and sharing knowledge so when you are presented with the opportunity to become a home owner NOTHING can stop you.


Being in the mortgage business for the past 18 years, I’ve seen countless borrowers make simple mistakes that unfortunately disqualify them for a loan and I think to myself, “If only I could have reached them first.”  I’ve declined countless loans that could have been approved if only the borrower had made a few changes beforehand. 

Purchasing a home is the single largest purchase most people make in their lifetime. Most people think that it’s one of the most complicated transactions they’ve ever encountered. I am here to challenge that perception and change the pain of this process into a more pleasurable and hassle-free transaction when you’re applying for the financing of your beautiful new home. 

I live my life and raise my children on the premise of, “each one teach one.” Reach back and offer a hand up to someone who needs it, all the while maintaining his or her dignity and respect. 

So as your mortgage underwriting expert, advocate and number one cheerleader, I no longer wish to stay behind the scenes but rather to come to the front and be your personal mortgage underwriting expert. I want to see you win at the mortgage game, and I can help because I have the playbook.  I'd love to be on your winning team to home ownership because you deserve it. 

Welcome to the leveled playing field.



Denia M. Dumas