Monica Austin, Educator Chicago, Illinois

June 24, 2018  

This was my first time buying a home and I must say, what a great

experience with Denia! She was there every step of the way—for late night calls, Friday afternoon requests, and well over the weekend!

Throughout the process, I had many questions that never went unanswered. Every encounter and request were met with timeliness and professionalism.

Denia is very knowledgeable about the underwriting process, but also, she has a wealth of knowledge about mortgages in general, and her expertise made it less stressing, since I live out of state, and was also purchasing out of state.

 Denia was very detailed on what I needed to know since all this was very new to me. I knew that I was in good hands working with Denia, AND thanks to her, lʼll be closing on my home a lot earlier than anticipated. I will highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to purchase a home. 

I don’t have any experience with any other company, but I’m confident they wouldn’t live up to Archer Aston’s standard. Denia, thank you for ensuring a smooth home-buying experience.

Thank you tremendously for ensuring that I came to the table prepared and QUALIFIED to be APPROVED for the home of my dreams! I can never thank you enough.


Forever Grateful,

Monica Austin





Let me begin by saying how phenomenal Denia Dumas is with Archer Aston, LLC. She has been working with me to for several months now on what items I need to clean up on my credit report and what items are not an issue so that I can go in and get pre-approved with a lender. She has provided me with the knowledge on purchasing my first home in Texas and the way she breaks the information down to me and how she communicates with me makes me feel like I’m talking more to my sister than someone sitting behind a desk. One thing about it, Denia knows her stuff when it comes to mortgages and purchasing a home and I have 100% confidence in her ability and the information she provides. I love working with her and appreciate her working we me. I will certainly refer her to anyone who wants to purchase a home.

I know under her guidance and leadership I am well on my way to home ownership very, very soon.


Shermita Pullen

Dallas, Texas




I wanted to share my dynamic experience thus far with working with Denia at Archer Aston. To begin, she’s just phenomenal! Very patient and thorough! This is my very first experience with looking into purchasing my first home in Chicago and she’s provided me with so many intricate details that I never knew. Yes, I’m still undergoing the process to purchase my first home and I’m ever grateful to have such a knowledgeable person as Denia along this journey. It has been frustrating for me with learning the step by step process, because again, there’s so much information I’ve never been introduced to. Denia has welcomed me and my family and ensured us that home ownership is possible! Thank you Denia for your amazing service and I’m excited to be on the road to having my very own keys!

God Bless,
Dorvella Griggs